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African Bird Pepper 2oz

African Bird Pepper 2oz

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The African Bird Pepper is a type of cayenne pepper that is known for being extremely spicy. It grows abundantly in the wild in Africa. Due to its savory flavor, it has been used by millions across the globe as a seasoning and spice to bring new life into their dishes.

It has also been widely known for its medicinal uses to naturally treat certain illnesses and a little later we’ll present some of the top health benefits of African Bird Pepper.

Due to its recent popularity, many countries like China, Mexico, India, Malawi, Uganda, and Zimbabwe are growing African Bird Pepper.


Other than its culinary value, it is also used as a folk cure for common ills and other medical problems. The secret behind the flavor and efficacy of the African bird pepper is capsaicin – a fantastic anti-inflammatory agent. This chemical is also used today as a treatment for a number of illnesses.

A growing number of alternative health practitioners, herbalists holistic healers use it to treat muscle pain, poor blood circulation, and many others.

There are those who use it as an all-natural healthy remedy the following:

  • intestinal gas
  • stomach pain, diarrhea and cramps;
  • toothache
  • muscle spasms, back pain, shingles, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia (when applied on skin);
  • seasickness
  • alcoholism
  • laryngitis (when gargled); and
  • malaria and fever
  • Hay fever, migraine headache, cluster headache, and sinusitis (when placed inside the nose).
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